Pills, Aqueous, White Tablet Enteric Coating

We Provide Enteric Coating Material, ECM, Pills Enteric Coating, Aqueous Enteric Coating, Tablet Aqueous Enteric Coating, White Tablet Enteric Coating, EC4W Enteric Coating in India. Enteric coatings are utilized when the medication substance is inactivated or annihilated in the corrosive discharge of the stomach or is especially aggravating to the gastric mucosa or when sidestep of the stomach generously upgrades drug assimilation. Early ways to deal with getting ready enteric-measurement structures included treating gelatin containers with formalin or covering tablets with shellac. Both of these methodologies were questionable since the solvency of the layer (which is answerable for the enteric impact) can be eccentric. Present day enteric coatings are typically defined with manufactured polymeric material frequently alluded to as polyacids. These polymers contain ionizable useful gatherings that render them water-dissolvable at particular pH esteem.

  • Protects drugs that are unstable in acid from disintegrating in gastric juices.
  • pH dependent controlled release of drugs for optimal absorption.
  • Delayed release.

Eg : Diclofenac, Aspirin

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