Aqueous Moisture Barrier Coating Compound

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During the manufacturing process and storage, the Moisture Barrier acts as the most appropriate and effective approaches to protect the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) from hydrolytic degradation. In simple terms, the Moisture Barrier protects the tablets from light, moisture and environmental gases, in order to keep it fresh and out of humidity or moisture. The commonly used strategies to reduce water vapor permeability and achieve the ideal moisture barrier function are Coating formulation design and Process control

The principles of formulation development include :

  • Designing a coating formulation with non-hygroscopic/low water activity excipients
  • Formulating the film-forming polymers with the least amount of inherent moisture
  • Organic or Aqueous coating solutions, made of natural or synthetic polymers, are sprayed onto the surface of the dosage cores in a drum or fluid bed coater. Presence of water during the moisture barrier coating process can cause hydrolytic degradation of the drug. Thus, the moisture barrier process needs to be carefully controlled.

    To adequately decrease water vapor permeability and improve the moisture barrier function of the film, many new strategies have been designed, developed and adopted.

    These strategies for moisture Barrier coating include :

    • newly designed coating formulations containing polymers with optimized functionality of moisture barrier
    • newly developed dry coating processes that eliminate the usage of organic solvent and water
    • To sum up:

      • Moisture Barrier coating provides stability to the dosages through their shelf life
      • Moisture Barrier coating ensures the required qualities and desired efficacy are easily hydrolyzed
      • Now, Moisture barrier coating can be performed either by organic solvent coating or by aqueous coating, both of which involve spraying of the coating solution or dispersion onto the surface of the dosages, followed by a drying and curing step to allow film formation.

        • It prevents moisture from entering inside hygroscopic products.
        • Adds maximum protection in atmospheric conditions and humid climates.

        Eg: Ranitidine, Multivitamins, Ayurvedic Products

        Aqueous Moisture Barrier Coating Compound