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The evolution of coated dosage, film coating, relies on advancements in coating technology, equipment, analytical techniques, and coating materials. In the film coating process, intra- and inter-batch coating uniformity of tablets is critical to ensure the quality of the final product, especially for active film coating containing active pharmaceutical ingredients in the coating layer.

Aqueous film coating is a widely used film coating method in recent pharmaceutical practices. It has many advantages over organic solvent-based coatings in terms of operator safety, environmental pollution, and risk of explosion The film coating approach is used to improve the stability of drugs. Tablets containing light sensitive drugs undergo film coating for photo stabilization, which mainly depends on the thickness of coating layers.

Film Coating Material for Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, Nutraceutical, Herbal Industry

  • Primarily reduces tablet weight gain of product as compared to sugar coating by more then 98%.
  • Provides stability to the product with regards to heat, light.
  • Masking odour, bitter taste and easy acceptability of product by the patient.
  • Spray rate: The spray rate is a significant parameter since it impacts the moisture content of the formed film coating and, subsequently, the quality and uniformity of the film.
  • Atomizing air pressure: The surface roughness of Film coated tablets is denser and thinner if the spraying air pressure is increased.
  • Inlet air temperature: The drying efficiency of the coating pan, and its uniformity, are affected by the inlet air temperature. The core tablet porosity, tensile strength, and residual moisture content of tablets are affected by the high or low Inlet air temperature while in the Film Coating process.
  • Rotating speed of pan: Increasing the rotating speed of the pan improves the mixing of tablets during the Film coating process. Too much rotating speed of the pan will cause the tablet to undergo unnecessary attrition and breakage.
  • Buy Film Coating Material for Pharmaceutical, Film Coating Material for Ayurvedic, Film Coating Material for Nutraceutical and Film Coating Material for Herbal Industry.

Eg : Ciproflixacin, Norfloxacin

Aqueous Tablet & Organic Film Coating Material